About Us

Our Story

Founded by young professionals, ‘Kuch Khaas’ is a phenomenon that adds creativity, with particular skill set. The skill is passed down the generations and only available in some specific areas of Pakistan. We believe the local art and craft require more of our attention and fame to encourage artisans, thus our slogan is ‘Kuch Khaas, Pakistan se’.

We find and harness specialties into one place and customize these with creative designs and make them available at your doorstep by a single click. We go the extra mile to get you extra-ordinary products. The products are made by finest artisans across the country who pour their heart into work to make them ‘Kuch Khaas’ (something special).

Creativity can take form of a mud bowl carved out by a skilled potter, garnished in captivating colors by the hands of our fine artist. When you are searching for such creativity, that’s where we come in.

We love every moment of our work and our each product is entirely handmade, hand painted which is why it is detailed and no two pieces are exactly identical, in which we take great pride. Beautiful products are made through hours of tough labor and attention to details. 

 Customer’s trust is more valuable to us than the sale itself, thus we believe in convenient after sale services. Happy Shopping