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Kuch Khaas – What We Do

We are a filtered marketplace that is invite only, and only provides regional specialties.

We live in a country that is spectacularly rich in culture with a wide variety of regional specialties extending from Bolan to Khyber. Ever stumbled upon the idea of having them available whenever & wherever? Be it Pottery from Multan, cutlery from Sialkot, Dry nuts from Quetta that keep you wanting more, or anything that our dear country offers and you hold close? That’s where we come into play. We proudly explore and bring the best of Pakistan, at your doorstep.

We are on a mission to discover Khaas of Pakistan, to make what’s available, accessible to each one of you at your doorsteps. We do the hassle for you, and aim to create a platform where you can effortlessly shop the best of Pakistan and be sure that you are shopping the right thing. Our each product has a story to tell that revolves around the artists and manufacturers, and resonates with their unmatched potential. These artists are at the heart of what we do, and as we move forward they get to showcase their talent and develop.


Proudly Developing and Promoting, Made in Pakistan

We do not stop at scouting for the best by listing these on internet only. We develop as well. Anyone can sell anything and everything and that dilutes the essence of it, takes away the Khaas element. In an effort to live up-to the name Kuch Khaas, we go an extra mile where we connect designers with the craftsmen, provide means and resources, and with a few tweaks of magic here and there in the existing designs, turn Khaas into Kuch Khaas, to fulfill what would be called novel desire of a present day customer. This makes the product comparable to the imported ones and substitutes them.

We aim to endorse “Made in Pakistan”, to tell the story of our ancestors, culture and tradition and reclaim our space in international arena. We believe the ‘Khaas’ of Pakistan should be sold directly to global consumers through us, to benefit the local community with maximum profits.  This story has been used by various international brands, and designers with little tweaking. Be it Pakistani Truck art theme for Kitchenware by Dolce & Gabana  or Paul Smith presenting



Peshawari chappals selling at exorbitant prices . We offer the best rates for authentic products made in Pakistan and aim to potray Pakistan in global market for what it is (ever heard of Karachi biryani being made in Lahore, nope right? Well, exactly).

Quality Assurance

Above the fact that we screen and invite the manufactures ourselves, our field agents deployed all over Pakistan, ensure that only Khaas is picked, and packed carefully into bundles of love and delivered to you with care. We take maximum caution to not break our products, or your hearts. We know your recent bad experience of ordering tank top and instead receiving a whole knee length dresss makes it hard for you to trust again. But worry not; we are here to reassure all your fears. We choose finest material that makes our quality unparalled; our products are mostly hand made by the best artists across Pakistan who have been perfecting the art over decades. We give undivided attention to details that not only make our products appealing but also durable. We highly believe in the after sales service and strive to happily address all concerns of our dear friends.


So if you’re looking to spice up your house or make your way right into the heart of someone special through a gift or buy someone a housewarming present, look no further! Our products also serve as an excellent souvenir for your non-Pakistani friends

Let’s join hands to celebrate all that the rich bountiful culture of Pakistan has to offer, and share it with the world!

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