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In these tough times, there is uncertainty and unpredictability revolving every aspect of life. Everything we do right now is affecting someone else in the world. We know this, which is why we choose to stay home and keep distance. This is why we are alarmed by the numbers and statistics in the news. This is why we call it a pandemic — it is more than us. It is affecting everyone close and far. While we sit at home, our thoughts wander to those less fortunate. We must empathize with them, as responsible citizens of the world, to prevent hunger and poverty within our own country


Online shopping has made it possible for us to reach out to producers who pour their heart and soul into their work, which helps them continue their livelihood, and support themselves and their loved ones. If we, sitting at home, can lend a hand, it might change their life for the better. In return, we get a handcrafted, specially made product that is just for us. This helps the flow of money in the economy, and we keep empowering these locals who are waiting for help from those who are more fortunate. By buying products that are 100% Pakistani, made by local small businesses that generates revenue that goes back into the economy. This is the same economy that COVID-19 has led to losing Rs. 891 billion to Rs 1.6 trillion in this quarter alone.


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 In an article by Express Tribune, a female artisan from Bhara Kahu Deeba Rana, talked about how being part of this micro economy that empowers local artisans, “Ten years ago I had never picked a paint brush in my life but today I am a master artisan and teaching other rural girls how to be creative and become economically independent.” Gulan


Online shopping creates a way for us to reach out to those who have had to close shop for an indefinite amount of time as they do not know when they will be able to cater to customers again. These are artisans who work on intricately made pottery, laboriously made delicious halwa, meticulously made exquisite lamps, and beautifully grown and harvested nuts. These are people who are awaiting orders and requests from you so they can keep their businesses thriving, the hearth fires lit, and their art alive with your appreciation and interest. We must do what we can in order to empower the economy, and the people, as we all go through these dark times together. We must think of the impact it has on reviving the economy that spending a portion of our incomes can have on those who do not have as much as we do. It is our responsibility. You can contribute to this with us. There are ways to become the light for one another through these times, and you would be surprised what getting an adornment for your house can do for the lives of the artists who make them. You can be the reason for making their lives a little special, Kuch Khaas.





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