Online shopping and digital payments is a win-win in Covid-19

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While coronavirus has limited our lifestyle in many ways, online shopping during COVID-19 allows us to live life. The Center for Disease Control has encouraged online shopping as it reduces the risk of transmission for the coronavirus. Getting home deliveries for the products you are looking for lets you minimize the risk of catching the virus, while helping yourself and someone else.

First of all, let us answer the question of safety: is it safe to do online shopping during COVID-19? The answer is that it is definitely safer. The CDC addressed this, saying, “There is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.” Similarly, The Food Standards Agency has declared that the risk of getting the virus from delivered food items is low as long as the precautions are followed, “there is no reason to avoid having ready-to-eat food delivered if it has been prepared and handled properly”.

Similarly, for other products ordered online, as long as precautions are being taken, it is safe to shop online. Expert opinion says that as long as you wash your hands, and dispose of the packaging, you should be safe. With delivery services, there is lower risk as you do not need to come in close contact with another person. Moreover, if you disinfect the product, the risk falls very low.

This risk is further reduced with digital payments that do not require exchanging any paper money. With safer payments, and payment services waiving any extra charges on sending money, it makes it online shopping easier than ever before.


Online shopping and digital payments make shopping for food, groceries, and gifts much safer and easier in quarantine. But that isn’t the only reason we should move to online shopping.

There are almost 3 million small and medium sized businesses in Pakistan. These are made up of artisans, designers, handicraft makers, and many people who are relying on us to reach out to them. These businesses had to close shop due to the lockdown imposed in countries all over the world. The only way these businesses can survive the extended lockdown is if people continue shopping online, which will not only keep them running, but also make sure that people have a sustainable livelihood.

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And shopping is a way to stay connected and stay prepared. Not only are people proactively buying products that are good for the body and hygiene, but it is also time for people to buy items that are good for the soul. The pandemic may lead to distance between you and your loved ones. Online shopping allows you to reach out to them, look after them when times are hard, and make your presence felt even through the distance. And for yourself, sometimes it is important to bring novelty and pleasure in times of uncertainty and danger. Which is why we should move to online shopping, the safer way to continue our lives.

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