Khalifa Bakers: Pakistani Sweet Heritage

Khalifa Bakers Lahore: Famous Pakistani Sweet Heritage

It’ll be difficult to find a place to breathe if you decide to meddle through the busy streets of Lahore, brimming with street vendors trying to tell sell you one thing or the other. But in the midst of all this chaos, any passerby in Mochi Gate Lahore would guide you to Khalifa Bakers if you’re in search of the perfect bakery. Their biscuits have a place of their own in the hearts of every Pakistani who has had the pleasure of trying them. Their heavenly biscuits, especially the naan khatai, are extremely popular and the praises of its divine goodness are sung by many, including my mother who is always looking for someone coming from Lahore to have another chance at dipping her favorite naan khatai in her chai. I can still smell the effervescence of the other-worldly almond naan khatai as I talk about it right now.  

Khalifa Bakers are in a league of their own. Surviving the test of time through four generations, their delicacies still melt in the mouth of those who try it. Having tried a fair share of naan khatais around the country, it is a safe bet to say that nothing overcomes the crunchiness yet lightness of their recipe. The lack of preservatives and use of basic ingredients is what makes their food so unique. Many have tried to match their recipe, but all goes in vain when it is realized that their years old technique is unmatchable.

As I sit on my work desk writing this, I’m reminded of the numerous times I’ve scrambled last minute to buy something for unexpected guests at home. No matter how hard I try to find something that may trump other savouries, Khalifa Bakers is the safest bet to make because it never fails to excite my guests. Dipping some cake rusk into the quintessential chai routine ends the evening on a satisfying note as we cross our legs and enjoy the serenity around us with the sound of the birds heading home.




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