Cascade - (Rice, Dessert, Soup Bowls)


Color: Blue
Sale priceRs.600


A pop of color is all you need to make your meal more exciting. The unique angled design of these bowls makes them stand out on the table on every occasion. These versatile bowls are perfect for every occasion and use, be it soups, rice, or ice cream. The Cascade set will make you feel right at home while adding a classy touch to your setup’s ambiance.

Make: White clay (pottery)

Handmade and hand-painted and then fired (cooked) in a kiln at 1400 degrees for 3 days resulting in life-long durability of the paint

Dimensions: 11.6 × 11.6 cm

*Owing to the handmade nature of product, please expect delivery in 2-3 weeks
Minimum order quantity: 06

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