The Artisans

The most important element we work with is not clay or paint. It is our artisans. Their signature individuality is happily evident on   every piece that bears their stamps and our name. That evidence of the artisan’s hand is what makes each piece a one-of-a kind work of beauty and grace.



Our Craft 


 We find and work with some of the most skilled craftsmen on earth stretched in the region of Punjab. For hundreds of years, these artisans have   perfected the art of  blue pottery, handing skills down in each generation ever since it came from old Persia.



The Wonder Women


Our shoes are mostly made by women working in their homes, contributing to their livelihood. We feel pride in collaborating with the most skillful artisans, because of which our products are international sensation. We strive to give them the price they deserve for the efforts and heart they pour in the products making.